Empower peer-to-peer applications with the ability to automate and incorporate AI, either with or without direct blockchain connectivity.

Token address: 0xc4663f169aafb1d4506ce189d63810e24a8b63ea

CMC Ticket ID: 360000493112

Developing AI-based platforms and services that enable individuals and organizations to construct and implement AI solutions on a large scale, anytime and anywhere.

What is a TURAI token?

Learn what the TURAI Token is, and what it can be used for.
A TURAI token represents a digital form of currency that serves as the primary means of transaction within the Turismo AI network. To access services offered by Turismo AI, payment must be made in TURAI, similar to how one would use USD to purchase goods and services in the United States.

What is Staking?

Staking refers to the process of generating semi-passive income by allocating your TURAI tokens to one or multiple validators who play a crucial role in preserving the network’s stability. By participating in staking, you not only earn rewards but also support the functioning of the Turismo network. It is essential to conduct thorough research on the validators before making a decision.



A new roadmap for Turismo 2024 will be released in early Q1 2024. Below is our roadmap of 2023


Resonate (Decentralized Social Media Platform)
TRIP (Travel application rebranded)
Decentralized Delivery Network (MOBIX Family + IOT Platform)


Governance proposal to enable IBC on Turismo AI mainnet TUR tokens available on Arbitrum-hub (via IBC)
Support launch of exciting new De-Fi, social media, NFTs and other dApps from the community
Launch of reconciliation application to enable HW wallet owners to recover tokens from stake migration


Launch of CoLearn v1 marketplace
Release decentralized data sharing protocol
Expand that to data streaming, add audit trail and integration with external IPFS provider
Prediction marketplace for CoLearn

Developer Ecosystem

Resonate Launch of company a python based client for building apps
Launch of tooling for easy and quick access to data both onchain add offchain for building apps
Inviting Developers to create applications deployable on Turismo AI mainnet

Ecosystem Development Initiatives Turismo AI fund for developers to build and deploy apps on Turismo AI mainnet
Hackathons/Events participation to encourage developers to try tooling to create and build apps